How High Is Your Frequency?

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While I usually don’t say this in January, this weekend was seriously beautiful in Chicago. The sun was out, it was above 30 degrees, and everyone in town seemed to be happy (and actually outside again!) This was one of those weekends where I really appreciated my friends for being so wonderful – from grabbing drinks with a co-worker who’s become like family at Big Star, getting together for dinner with Kelly, Kira and Danielle (and they’re lovely husbands) to finally getting back into my yoga groove on Sunday with Kira at Core Power – it had been far too long.


I spent a lot of time thinking this weekend and taking time to reflect on where I am at this moment in my life. To be honest, thinking about myself really deeply is never easy, or something I truly enjoy doing – but every once in awhile you have to take the time to really examine where you are and where you want to be. And I kept going back to my frequency of where I am right now.

I don’t really remember where the term “high frequency” when it comes to life (probably something Jen Sincero said in one of her books), but it’s the amazing feeling of when you’re firing on all cylinders – which is honestly incredibly hard to do these days with so much going on (work, finding balance, time, etc.) Finding that high frequency is a art form, but ironing out what the things are that help you get there makes it a little more attainable.

For me, I feel best when I feel like I’m connecting in my relationships (family, friends, etc.) am eating well, taking care of myself with self-care, and am finding the time to work out at least a few times a week (which for me is usually a hot yoga class or walking since I’m not the greatest when it comes to high endurance work outs 😉 ) Between work and not feeling like I have enough time, I’ve been really running my well pretty low – so I’m trying to figure out better ways in the coming weeks to start feeling more fulfilled, and a little less like just a functioning shell of myself. I’m sure you know the feeling too!      And while it sounds all easy peasy once you realize what’s wrong, it’s a whole heck of a lot of work to get to be in a better place and keep it up. It takes time, and planning and putting yourself out there (and going to yoga classes solo…) to get to a better place. It’s especially hard on days where you feel like you just want to hide under the covers or hang on the couch drinking wine – but when you take care of yourself in ways that fill you up, it manifests itself in only good ways. I know I’m being pretty Woo Woo for a Monday morning, but this is the kinda stuff you think about when you really need to revaluate what the heck you’re doing in your life.  We’ll see if any of these things help, but please send good vibes this way to give me a little more pep in my step. I could definitely use it this week.

Speaking of this week, have any fun plans? Hopefully it all includes lovely things that will make your frequency turn up a little higher 😉

  • I think finding that perfect balance in life is hard for everyone. The fact that you’re aware and mindful of it is a huge first step! Sending good vibes your way, girl.

    • I am so late to the party on responding back, but THANK YOU! You are so sweet 🙂 And I hope you’re finding a little more balance as well too! It’s always a struggle…xx