On Trend: Leopard Coats

It’s officially the season where it’s so cold outside that the only way to make a fashion statement is to wear coats, lots and lots of coats. When I was little growing up in Wisconsin, I¬†hated wearing a coat because I thought it took away from whatever fashion statement I was trying to make at the time. I remember having fits when I was in elementary school over Halloween because even though it was 30 degrees, I insisted that “princesses don’t wear coats!” when I dressed up as a princess every freaking year. Clearly, Frozen had not come out yet – but my poor parents really could have used it…

These days I have a pro-coat agenda, especially this time of year. While I used to be able to walk around in tights and a skirt in college, these days I’m wearing ALL of the layers to keep myself from freezing by booty off. And while coats aren’t super exciting fashion statements, I’ve been trying to up my coat game to make the winters a little more exciting. Or as exciting as they can be ūüėČ

This years coat purchase included this J.Crew leopard coat that’s become a new staple. Everywhere I go in Chicago, there are swarms of ladies in leopard coats and it’s become the newest trend I can completely get behind. Whether it’s faux furry or wool, I’m a big fan of all the fun coats I’ve been spying around the city (and on the internet!)¬†¬†¬†Because I firmly believe that you need a leopard coat in your life too (you know, if you’re into that sorta thing!) here are a few different versions I’ve been loving around the internet.

My Favorite Leopard Coats: 

In more fun weekend news, does anyone have some fun plans? My weekend is packed with ugly sweater parties (and the annual “attractive sweater party” Tom throws where people wear the nicest sweater they own to his party, ha!) and trying to squeeze in any last minute errands before the holidays get here. Hopefully you all have some fun (and not too stressful) holiday¬†parties and events to look forward to too! xx