Wrapping Up Before the Holidays

Club Monaco Vest {on sale! I also love this one that’s available in more sizes} // Skinny Jeans // Funnel Sweater {similar} // Black Boots // Tory Burch Purse

I know I’m a little bit of a broken record over here, but it’s really, actually ALMOST the holidays. And the closer we get to taking a few days off, the more it feels like we’re crawling… 7 more days becomes 5 more days, becomes 2 more days…and we are getting so freaking close  I can taste the egg nog and holiday cookies from here. Hang in there friends, hang in there.

So…to talk about the elephant in the room, yes, I am sharing photos from a few weeks ago before it was snowmageddon here in Chicago. I feel like bloggers always try to give off the illusion that “we woke up like this”, but the real deal is that a lot of us have to work ahead – sometimes even up to month ahead of time. So when it snows in Chicago, it’s a little award bringing the fall pictures up from the archives, but hey – it’s the best I can do when the weather decides to be uncooperative! Just imagine this outfit under a bulky puffer coat and we can call it even…or at least, more accurate.   Anyways, back to the holidays, since you know – we’re only just a few days away (eeeek!) I’ve been trying to finish up my shopping list, and I feel like that despite my best efforts, I somehow ended up buying myself waaaaaaaay more things than I ever meant to while trying to shop for friends and family. Emily wrote about this a few weeks back, but I’ve definitely been taking a “one for you, one for me” approach to holiday shopping. Even though I don’t really need anything, my online shopping carts have been filling up more quickly than originally anticipated – and I may or may not have bought some gifts that I thought I was going to buy for friends, and then mayyyyybe bought them for me instead (or both of us, let’s be real).

Since holiday shopping I’ve replaced all my makeup, bought a skirt, a sweater, a skincare set AND a new wallet. I am NOT proud of myself friends, not proud at all. I could really use a money tree right about now…

BUT, the good news is that I’m almost done with my holiday shopping. So even though I’ve been distracted by shiny things like a Magpie, I’ve still managed to cross almost everyone off my list (yay!!!) Hopefully you’re more organized than I am and aren’t having to stop at the mall on December 24th. If so, you know I’ll see you there 😉  So…are you almost holiday ready? I feel like this is the time people start packing up their cars and heading home for the holidays, so I hope you’re either on your way home or home already yourself! I’m leaving to go back to Madison after work on Friday and hoping to stick around until Wednesday when I need to be back at work. I’m very ready to hang back home with family and friends and take in a little holiday R&R – I hope you’re able to look forward to the same too! xx