Coffee Talk: Why I Don’t Plan to Ever Quit My Day Job

Oh hey there, friends! It’s Maya – your long lost blogger friend over here.

You may have noticed that the past few months have been a little slow around here. At first it was completely by accident…but then it grew into a more purposeful decision as I took a little step back to reevaluate my time, which was becoming more and more of a scarce commodity.

The truth is that my new job has become a little more all encompassing of my time than I initially thought it would – and between getting adjusted to a pretty crazy commute and a job that requires more energy than any job I’ve had before. But don’t get it twisted, because I totally love it, I really do. It’s just been a bit more of a transition than I thought it would be. But I’m slowly but surely getting it together over here – even if that doesn’t mean I have 5 kick ass posts a week to share with all of you lovely people. I’m learning to be okay with it, even if it give me a little tinge of guilt every time I say it out loud.

Whenever I go home or run into someone from high school or college I’ve been out of touch with, usually the topic of my blog somehow comes up. And it’s usually starts with someone exclaiming something along the lines of, “So you’re a blogger! What’s it like to just blog?! That sounds like the dream!” First of all, hold. the. phone. Yes, I blog – but it’s definitely only a teeny tiny portion of what my work week actually looks like. I run social media for a multi-billion dollar company, I lead a kick ass social team that’s growing on the reg, I manage integrated projects, I work with multiple agencies, I do work all day, every day. So yeah, I blog sometimes and talk about things that give me little warm fuzzies, but I also try to kick ass and take names with that real world grind too. And usually when I say something along those lines (but a little more subdued) they ultimately ask, “but would you ever want to blog full time?”

And honestly. I struggled with my answer for many, many years. 

For a long time, I really thought blogging full time would be the proverbial dream. I imagined it meant waking up at 9AM every day, going to afternoon yoga classes, taking glamorous photos throughout the day, and whipping up a Pinterest-worthy dinner every night because I just happened to have all that free time. And I’m sure part of being a full-time blogger can be just like that – but for my friends who’ve gone to dedicate their careers to their blog, it’s definitely not sunshine and rainbows all the time.

And honestly at the end of the day, I like working my crazy, fire-drill filled, Monday – Friday days at the office from 8-7 (what’s a 9-5 again?!). While it’s definitely not glamorous, and basically gives me little to no free time, it gives me some much needed purpose with my career. While I’m proud of my little corner of the internet over here (and love getting to work on projects and share a little bit of myself every week!), I don’t think I could ever do one without the other. Plus, I don’t think I could write about myself all day, every day until the end of time if I ever became a full time blogger. I can get pretty bored of my life, so I can’t imagine how anyone else would be that interested in it either 😉So while doing it all means that I can’t be 110% all the time, I’m getting to be pretty okay with that. I might share posts in fits and spurts, and I might have weeks where there’s some radio silent, but it’s only because I’m giving a little more of my energy to that whole work part of my life. One day I’m hoping to find the perfect balance, but until then I’ll be trying my best to make it all work – just like I’m sure you’re doing too. I wish us all luck 😉 xx

  • Preach, preach and preach!!! I’ve thought being a full time blogger would be the best thing ever but I’ve realized that I’m just not productive at home, I need an office and someone making me get shit done. You are a kick- butt blogger and amazing at social media with the brands you’ve worked with!! So proud of everything your doing and I’m looking forward to catching up this weekend!!

    xo, Sarah

  • I’m right there with you! For me blogging is and will always be a creative outlet. I don’t want it or need it to be anything more!

  • PREACH, Maya!!! I definitely relate to this on every level. Thank you for so beautifully putting into words how I’ve been feeling!

  • Lauren Oliver

    Really loved this post! Sometimes I think about how fun it would be to blog full time because I could be my own boss, but then think about whether that would provide me with purpose, and I don’t think so! Also, congrats on your new job!!