A Weekend in Kansas City: What To Eat

A few days ago I shared some of the highlights of our Kansas City trip, and there was so much that we squeezed in I couldn’t contain it to just one blog post! Since food was such a big part of our trip, I thought it best to have a post dedicated to all the delicious places we went to…and believe me, the restaurants were SO good they were worth the trip alone. I’m already dreaming about some of the restaurants we went to and hoping to plan my next trip! Ca Va Champagne:

I’m always down for a little bubbly, especially after a day of exploring. We stopped by Ca Va, the cutest little champagne bar and restaurant for some appetizers and of course a few glasses of champagne and rosé before dinner at Blue Stem later that night. While I’m not an oyster gal, so instead I ate my fill of cheese and crackers and the tastiest fresh rosé I’ve ever had (if only I could remember the name!) It’s the perfect spot for drinks after a long day with friends, happy hour, or even for a tasty dinner or brunch.

  Port Fonda:

One of my favorite places we ate at that was more casual in KC was Port Fonda. Port Fonda used to be a little taco truck in KC years ago, but it became so popular that they now have a few different locations in the area. We went for brunch and it was the perfect place to kick off the day – they have incredible margaritas (even an avocado one with that beautiful green color!), their famous brunch chimichangas, chilaquiles, and mezcal donut bites – all of which were amazing because I had to try everything 😉  Boulevard Brewery:

I’m usually not a beer gal, but I was a huge fan of Boulevard Brewery. We spent the first hour touring the brewery, learning about how the company has grown and all their delicious beers that they’ve now become famous for. It was quite the operation, and it was fun learning about all the intricacies of how beer is made and what makes Boulevard Brewery so special. Afterwards we hit up the tap room, and I tried their wheat beer and their ginger Radler, which has quickly become one of my favorite beers, especially considering I’m not usually a fan 😉    Monarch Coffee:

One of the cutest places we went to eat and drink was Monarch coffee, them most charming, Instagram-worthy cafe with delicious pastries and coffees {I opted for the iced chai latte that was delicious!}. They have the cutest little French decor, moody floral wallpaper and a teal expresso machine I will forever be dreaming of. If you’re a fan of cute coffee shops, this is a must-stop cafe!  Bluestem:

One of the most delicious restaurants we went to for dinner was the Bluestem, a James Beard award-winning restaurant in the heart of Kansas City. We opted for the 5 course tasting menu {with wine-pairings!}, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in my life. From scallops, to a heirloom tomato salad, creamy cavatelli pasta and zucchini bread cake – everything from start to finish was unbelievably delicious. Next time I find myself back in Kansas City, this will definitely be my first stop for dinner.

Extra Virgin:

Another delicious spot we went to dinner while in KC was Extra Virgin, another award-winning restaurant with delicious tapas style food, tasty cocktails and an extensive wine menu that’s definitely worth a peek. The menu was inventive, and it had so many tasty dishes on the menu it was hard to just pick a few…so we may have ordered half the menu – #worthit. We also went to top off the evening, we swung by Corvino, a new restaurant and cocktail bar that’s famous for their inventive drinks and their famous late night burger. Everything was so delicious, I swore I would never eat again…or at least not eat anything else that day!

T. Loft:

On our last day in Kansas City, we swung by T.Loft – a healthy restaurant that features salads, grain bowls, breakfast bowls, smoothies and more. After eating our fill all weekend, we definitely needed to detox, so we loaded up on healthy juices, smoothies, bowls and protein balls that were so, SO good. The restaurant is adorable, and feels very Santa Monica in the middle of Kansas City. If you happen to visit KC and eat waaaaaaay too much, T. Loft is the perfect compliment to Kansas City BBQ and burgers 😉

Okay, well now I’m officially hungry {and ready to go back to KC stat!}. If you’ve visited Kansas City, I’d love to know what spots I should add to my list for next time! xx

A big thanks to our friends at Visit KC for sponsoring this post and being the best tour guides we could have asked for! As always, all opinions are my own!

  • Looks like such a fun trip, and I’m totally drooling over the food pics! Delish! I’ve never been to Kansas City, but I’ll have to remember if I do go that I’ll need to bring my appetite! 🙂

  • We’re glad you had such a delicious visit! You know where to find us if you need ideas for your next trip. 🙂 #HowWeDoKC