Moroccan Inspired Home Decor

Can I tell you something I’ve been day dreaming of over here lately? After spending too much time searching Air BnB’s for upcoming trips, part of me fell in love with the idea of transforming my condo into an Air BnB oasis – or even crazier yet, one day buying a little place in Wisconsin or Michigan to spend some time in and rent out part of the year. It’s a little crazy {okay, maybe a lot crazy}, but it’s important to have dreams that one day maybe might {but probably won’t} come true, right?

In my current dreaming stage that includes lots of Pinterest re-pinning, and I’ve been gravitating towards clean, bright, minimalist, moroccan inspiration {which I’m going to say might be a thing, even it’s probably not} From leather poufs to fiddle leaf ferns, hand-woven rugs, and pretty gold accents – I’ve been semi-seriously looking into how much cute little fixer-uppers might cost to one day have a little spot of my own.

Here are a few of my favorite Moroccan inspired pieces that I’ve been keeping my eye on over the past few weeks!

1. Gold Mirror {how gorgeous is this, and it’s not too expensive!} // 2. Hamsa Decor // 3. Moroccan Lamp // 4. Accent Bowl // 5. Linen Pillow // 6. Throw Blanket with Poms // 7. Coffee Table // 8. Tassel Pillow // 9. Leather Pouf  {I’ve been wanting one for forever, and I’m thinking about finally pulling the trigger} // 10. Diamond Rug {a classic, and I love this chic pattern} 

I’ll keep you updated on my Air BnB/getaway home dreams and report back if it ever happens to come to fruition. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here day dreaming about making it happen – and mentally decorating it already 😉

In other news, how was everyone’s weekend? I spent the weekend back in Madison to avoid the craziness of Lolla in Chicago {it looked like fun, but I’m really not a huge fan of crowds!}, so I instead opted to hit up a few Farmer’s Markets, spend Sunday afternoon walking around town and squeezing in a much-needed yoga class, cooking with my family and catching up with friends along the way. It was pretty heavenly, but it’s hard getting back to the grind this morning! I hope you’re a few cups of coffee deep like I am too! xx