The Essentials For A Perfect Summer

 And, just like that – somehow it’s already Thursday. Where did this week go?!

I spent Sunday night through yesterday morning in sunny LA for work, which was one part amazing and one part completely nuts. It always seems extra glamorous traveling for work, but when you’re squeezing in a few photoshoots, an event and attempting to catch up on emails along the way – it’s a little bit hectic. But overall, the trip went well, and I even got a chance to catch up with a few high school friends who were kind enough to meet me at the hotel bar on my last night in town. Sometimes I’m completely blown away by how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life <3     While I was in LA, I felt like I spent most of the days racing from shoot to meeting, which is essentially how I’ve been feeling most of this summer so far. It’s been busy, and I can’t even believe that August is right around the corner {how did that even happen?!} I love everything about the summer, except for how overwhelmingly busy it can get – and a few things usually end up falling through the cracks because of it. My apartment becomes way messier than it ever is in the winter, I can barely find time to squeeze in a workout {unless if it’s sand volleyball on the beach}, and the warm weather makes me feel extra gross this time of year, and especially wrecks havoc on my thin blonde hair.

Dry shampoo has always been an essential for me – and probably would be my luxury item if I ever found myself on a deserted island, Survivor style. With my hair not cooperating as much lately, dry shampoo and volumizing products have become essentials for me, and two of my favorites are Hair Cuttery’s Cibu KaPow Dry Shampoo and their 8 Days A Week Texture Finishing Spray.

I’ve been going to Hair Cuttery for years, and while I love all their hair salon quality products, their own line Cibu is my personal fave. The products are affordable, made with a few of my favorite natural ingredients {mineral oil, acai powder, etc.} and smell amazing. I usually keep Cibu’s KaPow Dry Shampoo in my car for a quick spray before and after work to give my hair a little more va-voom volume.

If you’re looking to add some dry shampoo/volumizing products to your beauty arsenal, I definitely suggest giving Cibu a try! And from now until 8/24 you can save 20% off your purchase by using code “CHARMING20” right here In other news, no – I didn’t get a dog, even though it’s my DREAM in life! My friend Cassandra took a few photos when I was over at her place last weekend, and I begged her to let me take a few snaps with her pup, Jasper. How cute is he?! He reminds me of a muppet and he’s the sweetest, cutest pup ever. It took me every ounce of self-respect to not steal him as I left later that afternoon. One day I’ll hopefully be adult enough for a pup of my own 😉 

  • Sounds like you found some great products! Love that you nabbed the pooch for some cute photos! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  • Cutest dog ever! Thank you for the great advice!
    Isn’t That Charming.