My New Work Wardrobe

Navy Blazer // Ruffled Skirt // Gold Heels // Scalloped Silk Camisole {love this one too!} // Gold Bracelet // Pave Necklace // Cuyana Work Bag

Well, life has certainly changed over the last month and in some ways I feel like I might officially be a grown up. From early morning wake up calls, to meal-prepping {who am I?!} to dressing up for work each day, I’m officially as “professional” as I’ll ever be. Does it still take me every ounce of focus to not swear in the middle of meetings? Sure…there are just some things that you can’t shake from working at an advertising agency for so many years 😉

I’ve been debating whether I should start sharing my more “professional” side, especially after putting comfort over all else when it comes to fashion the past few years. I often joked that I should have named my blog “The Blue Jeans Blogger” because if it was up to me, I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt all day, every day. But starting a new job in the corporate world made me realize just how many people do have to dress up everyday, and that there really aren’t too many tips for looking polished and professional when you’re not rolling in the dough. And since I’ll be investing much more in business suits than blue jeans, I might as well share my fashion tips {and let’s be real, probably some mistakes} with you all – so hopefully you can relate, or know someone who can! A few weeks ago I shared my business formal capsule collection, and most of the pieces I suggested are what I actually bought. I’ve been rotating through them and rocking the pieces in various configurations Monday through Friday in the office and beyond. Luckily I didn’t have to totally start from scratch, and by some miracle I had a few blazers and even a pencil skirt tucked way back in the cobwebs of my closet – so I’ve been buying new pieces and pairing them with old staples, like this J.Crew blazer I bought years ago “just in case.I also snagged this Cuyana work bag last year and while I loved it before, I’m using it every single day these days. It’s polished, refined and happens to hold everything I need for work, including my laptop, work phone, flats for the commute and everything else I could possibly need.

As far as newer pieces, I had wanted to expand my work wear collection to include a few navy pieces, so I picked up this ruffled pencil skirt from Banana Republic when I was shopping for new work clothes before my new job started. As much as possible I’m trying to find pieces that I can wear from day to night, and this skirt is easy to dress up with a blazer, or dress down with a graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket. I’ve been wearing it when I know I have an event or date night to look forward to after work, and it’s even a comfy, thick jersey material that has some stretch for the long commute home {or lets be real…eating Chipotle for lunch!} These shoes are also a new investment from Banana Republic since my wardrobe seriously lacked dress shoes – or really heels in general for that matter.  I only had a pair of black D’Orsay pumps that I rotated in for weddings and outfit photos, but I knew that they probably wouldn’t make the cut every work day at the new job. Since I count metallic as a neutral, it was the perfect investment for work since it goes with navy, black and brighter colors like pink and cobalt blues.

To add to my wardrobe staples, I also snagged this scalloped camisole to wear on its own or under blazers and sweaters for the office. My office happens to be pretty conservative, so I usually have to wear something over a camisole unless I’m at the agency. This one from J.Crew fits perfectly, and looks polished tucked into a pencil skirt or dress pants for the office.  And last but not least – jewelry is also a very important part of my work wear wardrobe – more so than it has been in the past. I was introduced to Monica Vinader at an event last month, and I’ve fallen in love with her chic, classic jewelry that goes with just about everything. I love that it’s subtle enough to go with any work outfit, but also elevates a look to look more polished. I’ve been wearing this gold bracelet and rave necklace since I started in the office a few weeks back and have already received so many compliments.

There’s lot more work wear to come, so hopefully you’ll be entertained by my attempt to be a real, full-fledged adult {bahaha, but lets be real – it’s probably not going to happen that fast!} If you have any wardrobe staples or favorite brands – please share! I need to up my workwear game ASAP! xx

  • SO CUTE! I’m so excited to hear all about the new job. 🙂 You look adorable! The Larkins miss you!

    • I miss you too! I’m sending you a text soon so we can play 🙂 xx

  • Look at you, miss fancy pants! You look so corporate and I love it. 🙂 I always used to love Express for business wear for my old job.

    • Whaaaaaa? I didn’t even know that they had a business section! Checking this out now – thanks for the tips!

  • Loving your corporate style! That skirt is too cute! I love work wear that can be fun.

  • You look great and like you are ready to take on the corporate world! This is a great everyday work outfit and I feel like all your pieces mix and match well! I want to hear more about your new job!

    xo, Sarah

    • I know! We definitely need to catch up ASAP. I miss you!!! xx

  • So chic!! Scalloped necklines are my fave!

    • So fun, right? I think we should pop a scallop on everything 😉

  • Congrats on the new job! My office is super casual – I kind of miss dressing up for work!

    • Giiiiirl, I miss wearing jeans – but at least this skirt is comfy 😉 xx

  • I love it!