Repeat Outfit Offender

Blue Striped Dress {SO many good ones, but these are my favorite here, here, here and here} // White Tennis Shoes // Gold Necklace // Fringe Purse // My FAVORITE new sunglasses!

Sometimes I can’t help but be a repeat outfit offender, especially when it comes to weekends in Chicago. In the summer, I like to spend my weekends in comfy dresses, and I find myself gravitating towards this same blue and white striped dress every weekend, over and over and over again. I know that being a repeat outfit offender isn’t something that’s always popular, but it happens to be really pretty comfy – and of course, easy.

And there’s actually a science to this simplicity of wearing something similar over and over and over again. Even Barack Obama only wore blue or grey suits to avoid “decision fatigue”, or the feeling of being tired when you have to make too many decisions throughout the day. There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg only wears grey t-shirts or hoodies paired with jeans – he’s got enough going on throughout the day to focus on rather than the decision about what to wear.

Don’t get my wrong, I love clothes {I’d probably argue I love them a little TOO much!}, but sometimes it’s nice to just know what makes you feel powerful, confident – or in my case, comfy, and go with it so you can focus on the other things that are a little more important in your day. And while I don’t have that many decisions to make on the weekend {coffee or tea? Waking up early or sleeping in late?} it is nice to know that there’s always this comfy dress waiting for me in my closet when I need it.  I picked up this little blue dress from Meijer for an absolute steal a few weeks back, and it’s honestly become one of my favorite dresses to wear around the city on the weekends. It’s simple to pair with white kicks and a tote bag during the farmer’s market, or walking around downtown Chicago on a sunny, spring day. And best of all, it’s amazingly soft and comfortable, so much that I’m not quite sure I don’t actually wear it every day…watch out Mark Zuckerberg, I might steal your outfit repeater style after all 😉 Do you have a go-to outfit you can’t help but repeat too? Whether it’s a look to wear to the office, the weekend, or your “official first date night look” {no really, I had a friend who did that and she swore it worked wonders!}, I’d love to know what your favorite outfits are! xx

  • You are so cute Maya!! I love this blue and white stripe dress! I reuse outfits all the time (basically Monday to Friday it’s the same rotating outfits…) but it makes things easier! You look darling and I had a great time catching up last Friday! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

  • I’m definitely a repeat outfit offender. I’ve actually written about the same topic and referenced Mark Z in the past. 😉 I have some uniform basics for the work week and for the weekend. There are days when I feel like trying something new, and days when I’ve just got to grab something and go, and those days are for the outfit formula.
    Your outfit is super cute- I can’t believe the dress is from Meijer! Looks like it was a great find and something you’ll be able to wear all summer!

  • Such a cute dress! I’m all about repeating clothes – why not?! Once you find what works and fits, you might as well stick with it. 🙂

  • I love the dress/tennis shoes combo – such a good summer “uniform!”

    Caitlin |