Why You Should Invest In Bras You Love

Undergarments are not usually a topic of conversation over on CS, and honestly it’s because they’ve always been an after-thought for me. I didn’t give a hoot about underwear or bras {because lets be ream, very few people see them 🙂 } and I was happy enough with my collection of undergarments I’d collected over the years.

But when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that most of my bras were really uncomfortable, and old, and not that cute either. I also realized that most of my bras were from high school, and with my 10 year reunion coming up this year, it quickly dawned on my that I was definitely due for an upgrade. I definitely don’t have a pair of pants or a sweater from over 10 years ago, so the fact that bras that I wore everyday were that old was rather shocking. Again, I clearly didn’t care about undergarments in the past!

So I decided to suck it up and buy a few new bras to replace some of the tried and true bras from years ago. I didn’t want to break the bank {because I still can’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on something not very many people will ever see!}, but were still high quality, comfortable and sexy too. I ended up falling in love with Third Love’s bras and ordered  this lacy racer back bra that I’ve been wearing on repeat – like, maybe too much on repeat. Is it excessive if I wear it about 3 days a week? I clearly need to work on upping my old bra game with more new finds!  Now that I have more bras I love, it’s been way more fun getting dressed in the morning {and much less of a pain fidgeting around with it when my straps fall, my circulation feels like it’s getting cut off, etc.}. Have you recently switched to investing in bras you love too? I’d love to know your favorite places to shop! xx

  • I’ve heard such good things about Third Love! I love the one you’ve got here with the lace racer back- so pretty!