The Best Way To Kick Off Your Week

This post has been sponsored by MARS, Inc., and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Charmingly Styled possible!When life gets a little crazy, it’s always nice to take a few moments to rewind and slow down. Between work, catching up with friends, spending time with my boyfriend and blogging on the side, I spend much of my week living by my planner – bouncing from meeting to meeting, events, cocktail hours, and everything in between. By the time Sunday comes around, I’m ready to take a few moments to myself to regroup, plan for the week ahead and give myself a little, much needed TLC.

Sunday nights have become one of my favorite nights of the week and I relish laying low, cooking a healthy dinner to prep for the week ahead and spending time indulging in a little self-care at home. I usually like to round up my favorite beauty products, cook up something delicious, and treat myself to a little sweet treat of DOVE® Promises® dark chocolate. Is there anything better? I highly doubt it 😉 I’ve always had a sweet tooth {I lovingly blame my father, and his mother before him}, and indulging in a few pieces of DOVE® Promises® dark chocolate is my favorite way to satisfy my sweet tooth without going too overboard. There’s something so delicious about the perfect sized piece of dark chocolate, and I love that there’s always a little inspired quote when you open it up to give you the perfect little pick-me-up. And believe me, when Sunday {and the Sunday scaries} come around, you definitely need a little pick-me-up to get you ready for the rest of the week! I usually try to stop by my local Walgreens during the work-week to pick them up, and then get extra excited to open up the bag on a Sunday night.

I may or may not also keep a bag at my desk at work to give myself a little break on those extra long days – and maybe as a ploy to make my co-workers come over to visit me for a little distraction 😉Okay, so back to my self-care Sunday routine. Whenever I have a chance to lay low and recharge on a Sunday night, I like to unwind by doing a few of my favorite things that help me feel rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead. Here’s a few of my favorite things to do to kick off my Self Care Sunday night:

1) Cook a big healthy meal: I’ve been on an inspiralizing kick, and on Sunday night I try to make a big bowl of zoodles {or something similar} that will last me long enough for the next few days. I get in the terrible habit of buying my lunch most days during the workweek, so whipping up a little something makes me feel like I’m ready for the week ahead {and not wasting quite so much money at a fast food restaurant by my work!}

2) Take my favorite beauty products out for a spin: I try to make myself feel ready for the week with an exfoliating masque – lighting some candles to make it feel a little more like a spa treatment. Since I’ve always been to thrifty to get a manicure, I try to do an at-home version once a week to mix things up.

3) Indulge a little: Some nights it’s a few DOVE® Promises chocolates, or I might even make some chocolate chip cookies if I’m feeling really ambitious, but after a long weekend I like to treat myself to something sweet and delicious – and a little DOVE® chocolate is my favorite way to indulge. Do you celebrate Self Care Sundays? If so, you should definitely pick DOVE® Promises at your local Walgreens next time you give yourself a little time to unwind – believe me, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself after a long week, and if you stop in between 4/30-6/4 you can save $1 when you purchase two bags of DOVE® Promises! xx

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