Attitude of Gratitude

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling increasingly grateful. And it’s not because my life has gotten all that much more awesome in the past few weeks, but rather that I’ve been going out of my way to have more of an attitude of gratitude then I have in the past. I’ve always felt that gratitude is a little like a drug, because the more you use it, the more addicted you are to it – and I’ve been over here riding a gratitude high for the last few weeks {no shame!}.

And I know it totally sounds cheesy, but having a more grateful attitude has helped me in basically all aspects of my life – from reframing things that maybe aren’t that great, to spending more time in the day picking out the things that I’m extra grateful for. Like the other day when I was feeling so grateful that I had accomplished so many things – from crushing my work emails, to squeezing a photo shoot in and grabbing groceries, and then halfway through my gratitude-indused happiness glow, I realized that I had accidentally busted my tv a few days before and didn’t realize it. I mean, I was  pretty jazzed to watch a few episodes of Parenthood {my latest addiction}, before crawling into bed. Usually I would let a few swear words loose, call my father panicking that I’d never be able to watch TV again, or just mope around my apartment wondering what shenanigans the Braverman family had got themselves in that I’d missed. I know it’s pretty stupid, but broken technology puts me over the edge every single time, especially since I live alone and tend to break things…a lot.

So in my grateful, zen state – I decided to do something that would make me happy, rather than fussing over the fact that my TV refused to start. I decided to call a friend from college I hadn’t talked to in forever, and we spent over an hour catching up, laughing and hearing all the stories we’d missed out on after living states apart. It was the best thing I could have done with my week night, and a little part of me was thankful for my busted TV. Sometimes reframing crappy things by saying “This is good because…” actually makes you realize that things aren’t quite as bad as they seem.  I’ve also been taking a few minutes before I go to bed every night to think about all the things I’m grateful for that day. It’s like a little post-day thank you note that give you an instant boost of good vibes and appreciation. It can be the little things like the fact that your heart is still beating, the fact that you got to grab cocktails with your favorite girls, or that a stranger winked at you on the el – all good things to be grateful for!

Yesterday I was thankful for having some incredible co-workers at work who always put me in a good mood, for my mom sending me a cute text during my lunch break with a heart-eye emoji, and for this pretty pink coat I snagged on super sale from J.Crew to give me a brighter outlook on a grey March day. It’s always the little things, so I’m trying to do a better job of appreciating all of them 🙂 Have any tips on how you keep your spirits up and stay grateful day in and day out? I’m always looking for another way to cultivate a little more happiness these days! xx

  • Okay, first things first- I LOVE that pink coat on you! It’s the perfect winter-to-spring transition with the bright color. Second, I love your attitude of gratitude! In January I started a gratitude journal so that every day I could write down something I was thankful for. It really helped me shift my focus from “what did I accomplish today” to “what was I most thankful for today?” It’s also been a stress reducer for me as well. I’m putting less pressure on myself to do everything, and allowing myself time just to be grateful. Love this post, Maya!

  • You are just the cutest. Seriously. And, this whole post reminds me that I need to start keeping a gratitude journal again. You’re so right that our outlook on even the negative things affects so much in our daily lives. There’s so much to be grateful for out there, even the littlest things!

  • Such a great post! A few things to note: Parenthood is THE BEST! This coat and color are amazing and lastly, this is such attitude to have! Thanks for sharing xo

  • I swear by The 5 Minute Journal. It’s amazing, and it’s such an awesome way to wake up and end the day. I keep it by my bedside and my boyfriend and I do it together. It’s become such a nice tradition, and you’re SO right – it’s addicting!

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