Bow Sleeved

Bow Shirt {love this one here too!} // Kira Purse {love these here, here and here} // Joe’s Jeans // Gold Flats {love there here, here and here} // Gorjana Necklace

Happy Monday, friiiiiiends! I’m still reeling from the fact that the weekend is officially over, and it was so nice to get things done and mentally regroup after a crazy week at work. I’m sure you can relate too, and hopefully you had some time to relax, explore and drink lots of cocktails {I’m always all about the cocktails!}.

I’ve been musing over here about simplicity for awhile now, sharing abut how I’m trying my best at investing in meaningful pieces and being choiceful in how I spend my money…but sometimes, every once in awhile, you find something you irrationally love that you can’t totally justify, like this pretty bow top I recently fell in love with while browsing at Club Monaco {a terrible, but also kinda wonderful new habit…}. Somehow almost every weekend I find myself once again “at the club”, but not some crazy late night club at Chicago, but the Club Monaco sale section time and time again. And sometimes I make the mistake of moving away from the sale section and fall in love with something beautiful, like this pretty white and black bowed shirt I scooped up a few weeks ago.

And honestly, do I really need another fun shirt? Definitely not. But sometimes you fall in love with something at the store that defies reason, and you just have to go for it. Life’s all about moderation, right? I’m pretty sure you could hot glue a bow to a t-shirt and I would instantly fall in love with it – I’m just a sucker for bows {and anything with pretty sleeves!}  I’ve been trying to be smart when it comes to buying clothes, but honestly – sometimes it’s pretty hard – especially as a part time blogger. I’ve found that when it comes to budgeting and keeping track of my finances, I do the worst when I’m super strict on my spending – so I’ve been trying to be more careful about what I buy {and keeping track of it!} and then letting myself go for it when I really fall in love with something.

I recently read about a writer who started using the 3 day rule when it came to shopping. If she found something that she thought she loved, she’d give herself 3 days to think about it and see if after that time passed whether she still felt the same way. And honestly, it’s a pretty genius approach to shopping considering that more times than not I walk around the store with something, only to realize before checking out that I don’t actually love it as much as I did 30 minutes before. So I’ve been attempting to do that on the pieces that I think I really love, and realizing what I need to go back for, and what was just fashion lust 😉 If you’re also trying to save money without completely denying yourself the right to shop, definitely give the 3 day rule a try! How do you keep yourself from splurging all the time? I can always use a little extra help 😉

  • Such a pretty top, Maya! Love the flats too. I have a husband that keeps an eye on the bank account, which keeps me from splurging! 😉 Haha, but seriously. I have a few tricks that help minimize my spending. If I don’t absolutely love it, I don’t keep it. If I have recently spent money, I stay away from my Like to Know it likes… danger zone! I also keep a wish list of items I really want (wardrobe, home decor, etc.) If I come across something on my list that I love, I feel better about making the purchase. If it’s not on my list, I look at my list and weigh my options asking, “do I really need this?” Those things help! The husband watching the bank account is the biggest motivating factor! 🙂

    • Ummm….this is all GENIUS! I need to hire someone to watch my bank account and tell me when I’m being crazy, but I’m taking your advice on Like to Know its! xx

  • How fun is this top?! I totally get why you fell in love with it! That 3 day shopping rule is genius, definitely need to remember that for myself.

  • Hahaha I find myself at “The Club” sometimes too! It just happens right!? Well, I’d say that top was absolutely worth every penny. It’s so pretty on you and I still think appropriate for now, Spring and Summer! Gorgeous pics miss Maya (as always). Xoxo

    • We should meet at “The Club” some weekend 😉 xx

  • Girlfriend I love this sweet top on you! And I totally need to try the 3-day rule! I’m so bad in the moment because I always think I HAVE to have. Rarely do I feel that way three days later 😉 xo!

    • Right? I am SO there with you! We need to hold each other accountable, haha!