A Long Way To Spring

Embroidered Top //  Joe’s Jeans // Warby Parker Sunglasses // Slip on Loafers // Gorjana Necklace

Spring comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or so they say. On a particularly gloomy day in Chicago, I called my mom to tell her I was feeling down – between feeling overwhelmed with work and the weather being grey, and cold, and not so springy, I was in need of a little pick-me-up only parents can deliver – I’m sure you know the feeling too!

And my mother told me, in the wise way she always does, that even though I was feeling down everything is always better in the morning {which I think is some of the best advice anyone’s ever given me}, and that even though I was down, and the weather really wasn’t helping me feel any better, that everything no matter how hard is always better after a good nights sleep and a fresh outlook in the morning.

And she also reminded me that spring always comes in like a lion and out like a lamb , which describes the last few weeks in Chicago perfectly. I feel like every time March comes around everyone is so excited that we’re SO close to spring, especially after the freezing cold in Chicago. The weather starts to tease us all that it’s going to be warm and sunny and bearable, and the suddenly there’s what ONE last snow storm that completely puts you over the edge. Right when you think you’re about to retire your snow boots, suddenly you find yourself covered in 5 inches of snow and the reminder that winter might not actually be over…le sigh.  But luckily I caught a few warn days a week or so ago where I was able to soak up 60 degree weather and sunny Chicago days {which are definitely the best days of the year!} I picked up this amazingly springy tank top from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and I could barely contain myself when it got to be over 50 degrees in the city to bust it out – it’s the little things, friends! And even when it’s pretty col outside, I still find myself wearing it under coats and sweaters to give me the little spring pick-me-up I need 😉 And even though it might always not feel like it, at least it’s technically spring! And even though it feels so much like winter some days, we’re actually closer to spring than you’d think. I’m dreaming of warm days at the beach, long weekend trips to a Wisconsin cabin, ice cream in the afternoon and feeling the satisfaction of soaking up some Vitamin D. And while it feels a little impossible right now, we’re just a few weeks away – so maybe if we all hope for it, it will be here sooner than later!  In other news, happy Monday friends! I’m gearing up for another busy week ahead and looking forward to April, even if that does mean showers are on the horizon 😉 xx

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  • I feel the same about the weather lately! It rained all weekend. As a result, I stayed inside and while it was a restful weekend, I can’t help but feel a little lazy. I loved the weather on Friday- it felt so productive to get outside and go for a walk in the fresh air. I’ve been popping my Vitamin D in true vitamin form in the mornings. Gotta get it somewhere in all this grey and gloom! I think it definitely helps to wear bright colors and spring-forward pieces. Hang in there girl, we’re getting closer!

    • I know! Friday was such a tease, and then the rest of the weekend was icky. But you’re right, we’re totally getting closer – thank goodness! There’s some sun around the corner (hopefully!) xx

  • I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. I feel like we got a little tease of it in February and thought the weather would stick..but sadly it didn’t. Love your embroidered top!

    • I know! That one 70 degree day was so nice, and now it’s so rainy all week 🙁 Hopefully the weather will turn around soon! xx

  • I’ve been going nuts waiting for spring to arrive in Boston too!! I love all of those emroidered tops from Athro – so cute!!

    Caitlin | http://sunnystyleblog.com/

    • It’s taking for-ever! I’m sending you sunshine (and not the rain we’re currently having in Chicago, gah!)

  • Loving this top on you! The colors are so happy and spring-ready. The weather is bound to catch up with us one of these days!

    • Thanks so much lady! It’s raining in Chicago today (I assume it’s gross in Wisco right now too!), so hopefully it will clear up sooner than later 🙁

  • You are the cutest Maya and I’m so happy we got to hang out this weekend! 🙂 I’m ready for this icky spring weather to leave us for warm summer days! Hope you have a good week girlfriend!

    xo, Sarah

    • Same here girlfriend! Thanks so much for hosting us, it was so fun to pretend like it was spring (even if it was raining outside, haha). Hope you enjoy your week too! xx

  • totally love your top!


    style frontier

  • I love embroidery and this top is SO cute for spring!