Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh heyyyyyy day of love! No matter if you’re one of the single ladies, have a crush or are going steady, it’s time to celebrate accordingly with chocolate, wine and a little love from your favorite people – and I hope it’s a day that gives you lots of warm fuzzy feelings instead dread!

I’m not super mushy when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but I do love to celebrate it regardless of what my relationship status happens to say. This year, I’m celebrating at Mott Street with Tom where I plan to eat my weight in dumplings and boat noodles, which is the best way to celebrate in my humble opinion. I was tempted to write a gushy post about how much I adore Tom, but realized he would be pretty freaked out for very much publicly displaying my affection {VPDA?}. So instead I’ll just say that you’re the best babe, thanks for being my valentine this year – I promise not to embarrass you too badly and make you take any Instagram photos of me for at least a few weeks 😉

If you’re not feeling the love {or want to feel a little bit more of it!}, here are a few of the little love notes from across the internet that have been giving me warm fuzzy feelings this week.

1. A relationship in love notes: Try to watch all 3 minutes without crying… This little video shows an entire lifetime of a relationship, all in love notes a couple leaves to each other – and the many ups and downs they experience.

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda made a Galentine’s Day playlist: …and it’s exactly as amazing as you’d imagine. Did I listen to this on repeat all day long yesterday? Yes and yes!

3. The cutest blind date: How much do first impressions matter? See the cutest date between two people who guess all about each other without knowing anything about each other {and they’re the CUTEST!}

4.The most romantic movies: No matter if you’re riding solo or hanging with your boo, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to curl up and watch a romantic movie! Any excuse to watch Moulin Rouge is good in my book 😉

5. This sweet story: of a teen who took his little sister to her kindergarten “Daddy and Me” dance will give you all the feels. When their dad left, he didn’t want her to not be able to go to the dance in her new dress – GAH!

There’s so many more, but I’m going to go off and enjoy my Valentine’s Day! Hope you all get to hug someone you love tight – no matter who that lovely person is. Enjoy a few extra cookies and glasses of wine too!

xx, Maya

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