Happy Galentine’s Day!

Galentines-Day-Maya (39 of 57)Galentines-Day-Maya (35 of 57)Grab your girlfriend, because in T-minus 3 days it’s officially Galentine’s Day!

I may be totally biased, but I think Galentine’s Day might be the best part of the Valentine’s Day season. There’s nothing better than getting together with your favorite lady friends, eating brunch {or in our case, a full plate of yummy cookies} and celebrating why you love all your amazing friends. It might be cheesy, but Leslie Knope started a revolution, and I for one am proud to be a yearly observer of the holiday.

A few weekends ago, Sarah, Katie, Megan, Jess and I decided to throw a little Galentine’s party to celebrate the season of love in style. These girls are some of my favorite bloggers and friends, so it was a no-brainer to get together and celebrate our friendship accordingly {cue pink decorations, champagne and lots of delicious treats!}. It was basically an explosion of girliness and I was very into it . Galentine’s Day only comes once a year after all, so we might as well celebrate BIG!

If you’re planning a little Galentine’s Day party of your own in the coming days? Here are a few goodies you’ll definitely need stat. Galentines-Day-Maya (12 of 57)1. Bubbly, please! Obviously champagne is essential for all classy celebrations, so I brought a few bottles of Veuve champagne and rosé from Drizly, my favorite beer, wine and alcohol delivery service. We definitely deserved the good stuff, so I splurged for a few of my all time favorite bottles! Galentines-Day-Maya (26 of 57) 2. Chocolate: This should go without saying, but every girly celebration needs a healthy dose of chocolate – and these strawberry chocolate squares delivered! Galentines-Day-Maya (38 of 57)3. Pretty Bouquets: Let me let you in on a little secret, you don’t wait for a boy to buy you flowers – exchange bouquets with your best friends instead! We all brought some pretty bouquets from FTD Flowers and exchanged them for our Galentine’s Day party, which was the perfect way to treat each other to a little something special. Galentines-Day-Maya (3 of 57)Galentines-Day-Maya (52 of 57)4. Cookies, lots of cookies! I have a bit of a sweet tooth {okay, a huge sweet tooth!}, and whenever there’s a holiday I love to indulge in sugar cookies to celebrate. These sugar cookies from Goddess and the Baker here in Chicago are the most adorable for Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day, and I love that you can pick out mini pies, cookies, brownies, donuts, whatever your heart desires, and make your own box!Galentines-Day-Maya (5 of 57)5. Cute Decorations: I want to throw Pinterest-worthy parties, but between a job and blogging, I usually don’t have too much time to throw an epic party with pretty decorations. Thankfully Paris 312 party boxes come to the rescue time and time again, and I love how easy it is to put a spread together in no time flat. Galentines-Day-Maya (21 of 57) Galentines-Day-Maya (23 of 57)Not too shabby for a quick Galentine’s Day fiesta, right? Luckily my lady-friends are master stylists who managed to put together the perfect, heart-inspired spread!

And of course, we had to take a few minutes to cheers to how lucky we are to have such good friends. Nobody tells you just how hard it is to make good girlfriends after college, but I feel so lucky to have found a little girl-gang in Chicago all my own. Even when life gets crazy and stressful, it’s so nice to know that you always have a group of girls who have your back – and I’m lucky to have these ladies in my life on Galentine’s Day and every other day of the year! Galentines-Day-Maya (27 of 57) Galentines-Day-Maya (29 of 57) Galentines-Day-Maya (32 of 57) Galentines-Day-Maya (33 of 57) Galentines-Day-Maya (44 of 57)Cheers! Hope you’re also planning an epic Galentine’s Day bash with your favorite ladies this year too! Whether it’s with family or friends, make sure to tell all your favorites how much you adore them on Galentine’s Day and everyday  🙂

A special thank you to all that companies that helped make Galentine’s Day even more chic: FTD Flowers, Goddess and the Baker, Drizly, Paris 312, Ghirardelli and Shari’s Berries <3

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out my Galentine’s Day gift guide here!

  • Wait, I didn’t know that Leslie Knope started Galentines Day!! I didn’t think I could love Leslie more but I totally do!! I wish she was a real person and one of my real friends! haha… this was such a fun day, glad we got to all hang out!! Happy Friday! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

    • YES! Leslie’s the best – and I’m pretty jazzed her legacy will live on forever 🙂 So nice seeing you a few weeks back! xx

  • This is SO adorable! My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is definitely Galentine’s Day as well! Thank you Leslie Knope! <3

    xo- Justine