Combatting Winter Hair

Maya01 Maya10Raise your hand if your hair is secretly crying about this Midwest winter! Okay, I’m pretty sure everyone’s hair is crying right about now – so believe me, you’re definitely not alone.

While I feel like we usually focus on our parched skin during the winter, our hair is just as susceptible to drying out and looking totally lifeless and dull. The last few months I’ve been neglecting my locks, and unfortunately it’s really started to show {uh…and my roots too, whoops!}. After the holiday season I decided that I really needed to get my booty in gear, so I found a new hair product squad that’s totally changed my hair game for the better. I’m feeling like a whole new woman these days, or at least my hair is ūüėȬ†Maya04editI discovered Cibu products while getting a little hair makeover at Hair Cuttery a few weeks back, and my stylist raved about how great the products are for hair that needs a little TLC during the cold winter season. I initially fell in love with the products because they smelled¬†ah-mah-zing,¬†but once I heard about how ¬†incredibly nourishing and hydrating they all are, I knew I needed to bring the whole gang home with me. And as I used them over the past few weeks, my hair has been stronger, silkier and more hydrated than in recent winters past, which is a pretty tough feat when you have long, dyed and naturally dry hair!

While I love all of Cibu’s products I’ve tried so far, here are a few of my ultimate favorites that I’ve been using on repeat!¬†Maya02Maya09Ever since my showchoir days in high school {for real…}, I’ve been a huge fan of hairspray – maybe even¬†too¬†big a fan at times. Cibu’s Finista Hairspray adds tons of shine from Argan and coconut oil so your hair doesn’t look or feel crunchy, which was definitely a major part of high school showchoir.

I’ve been misting Finista hairspray to kick my flyaways to the curb since they always seem to show up more during the colder winter weather. If I’m headed on my way to work in the morning and need to wear a hat to keep my hair from freezing, I always add a little bit of hairspray before I head out the door so my flyaways aren’t too crazy by the time I get into the office. I’ve also been finding myself attending more weddings and parties than usual these days, so I always make sure to spritz some Finista before using any heated styling tools. It’s been a total game changer to keep my curls in place while keeping the humidity at bay, even if said curls don’t quite turn out the way I pictured them too…Maya07Maya12¬†Keeping my hair healthy and shiny has also been a real struggle this time of year, so I picked up Cibu’s Shine Squad Argan Oil treatment¬†to give my hair a much needed winter pick-me-up. I’ve been a life-long dabbler with Argan oil treatments ever since it officially became “a thing” a few years ago, but I always have a hard time keeping it in stock at home since Argan oil tends to be a wee bit pricey. Luckily, Cibu’s version is budget-friendly and works like a charm – better than lots of other Argan products I’ve tried in the past!¬†Maya03I love that Cibu’s shine squad oil is perfect to keep hair shiny, frizz-free and good for all hair types. It’s basically¬†the¬†reason my hair stays shiny and healthy this time of year, and I’ve been known to take a shower just so I have a good excuse to put a few drops in my hair. My little winter secret is to add a few drops to my hair when it’s super dry and I need a little shine pick-me-up, which can happen when the weather weather is trying to suck all the moisture out of your locks! Believe me, you need a little Argan oil in your life if you happen to live in the Midwest or East coast too!¬†Maya14 Maya15Needless to say, I’m a whole lot happier now that my hair is so much healthier – and I’ll be using my new #HairSquad {is that a thing?} for many months to come! What are you secrets to keeping your hair in tip-top shape during the colder months? I can always use some good suggestions and new products to try out! xx

A special thanks for Hair Cuttery for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that continue to make Charmingly Styled possible! xx