My Favorite New Productivity Hack

I’m excited to partner with Brydge to share my new favorite tech gadget I discovered this year! Tracking PixelCheck out why I love their innovative keyboard and how it’s making my days even more productive. how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-5-of-11As I’ve been kicking off 2017 this month, I’ve been trying to find as many ways as possible to simplify my life – from getting rid of everything that is cluttering up my home or wardrobe, to cutting out as many distractions as I can when getting work done, which was one of my ultimate struggles of 2016.

Whenever I try to get work done at home, I find myself constantly getting distracted by something – whether it’s tidying up my living room, checking Facebook on my phone, rearranging my ever-growing candle collection {I know, I have to get rid of most of them eventually!}, or making myself a snack, I have the hardest time getting myself to just sit down and get shit done. I love working on side projects and my blog from the comfort of my own couch, but I know I could probably get twice as much work done if I wasn’t constantly distracting myself with something new and shiny in my living room. The struggle is so very real friends! how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-10-of-11how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-1-of-11 how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-2-of-11So in the spirit of simplification, I’ve been trying to resist the constant urge to be distracted by trying to work outside my condo as much as possible, meaning on the weekends and weeknights I’ve become a regular at a few of my favorite coffee shops around the neighborhood. I’ve been trying to get up early on Sunday mornings to set my intentions for the week and try to head right to grab coffee with my planner and iPad in tow.

I used to lug my computer around everywhere which was slightly torturous in the winter time, so I recently purchased a Brydge keyboard to turn my little iPad into a typing machine with their attachable, bluetooth enabled keyboard. Since I usually upload all my photos for my blog posts first and then go back to write the posts {clearly I’m a bigger fan of taking photos than writing, whoops!}, it’s easy to take my iPad and Brydge keyboard to the coffee shop and then work through my pending blog posts by finishing up the copy. I love that the keyboard is seriously so easy to use and is feature backed – including a hinge for 180 degree viewing angles, keys that are backlit and a rechargeable battery. Best of all, it makes it feel like my iPad is more of a Macbook rather than just the oversized tech tool I use for Pinterest…haha. While I used to not give my iPad too much credit, I’m now obsessed with it all over again thanks to this handy little gadget!

Now that I’ve been able to be more mobile and productive at all times with my Brydge keyboard, I’ve been traveling around Chicago and Madison neighborhoods to discover my new favorite coffee shop. I camped out on my last day of break with my parents, getting some work done on my iPad, chatting about life and highlighting a few of our favorite things we did together over the holidays. Not a bad way to spend a morning, especially with an extra big latte and these adorable coffee cups that say, “Geeks won’t break your heart” – ah-freaking-dorable. how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-6-of-11 how-to-make-the-perfect-cheese-plate-8-of-11Now I’m off to go get some more work done as I guzzle more coffee at Floriole in Chicago, but I’d love to know what productivity tips you swear by too! Whether it’s new technology, an old fashioned to-do list, a killer planner, I would love to know so I can continue to get more things done in 2017! xx

This post was sponsored by Brydge keyboards, but as always all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Charmingly Styled possible!

  • How cool is this?! If I had a keyboard like that, I’m sure I’d give my iPad some more love! I’m still all about the ol’ fashioned to-do list over here to keep me productive!

  • I’m guilty of opening allll the tabs and then starting one thing, getting distracted by another tab, and then forgetting what I started in the first place! I’ve started opening one tab at a time, finishing the task at hand and then moving onto the next which has helped tremendously. Love that quote on the cup 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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  • Too funny – I’ve been eyeing those keyboards for a couple of months! My question though: what size iPad are you using? I have an iPad Mini and was wondering if the keyboard would be too small to actually be useful.

    • That’s a good question! I have a regular iPad, and it works perfectly – but I’d definitely make sure to get one for a mini! xx