How Yoga’s Making Me More Creative

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Happy Tuesday friends! After taking a few days off, I’m excited to get back into the swing of things over here (slowly, but surely!)

When I haven’t been super MIA over here, I’ve been working like crazy, trying to stay healthy (which seems to be hard this time of year) and sneaking in a few yoga classes at my new favorite studio, Yoga Six right in Lincoln Park. While I was all about yoga back in college many years ago (ugh, when did we all get old?), it’s been hard to find time to get my yoga on once I moved to Chicago. And once you go a few weeks without yoga, it’s easier to go a few weeks, then months, and then…well you know, it’s clearly been awhile.

And one thing I forgot is how amazing yoga can be – not only for your body but for yourself creatively too. I wrote this little article for Wandeleur sharing my I’m all about getting back into yoga (for real this time) and hoping to keep it up throughout the summer. And most of all, I’m sharing all the reasons why yoga helps keep you creative, especially when you feel like you’re in a total rut. And if you’ve noticed my silence over here, I’m sure you’v probably noticed that I’ve been in a little bit of a rut over here too 😉 Wandeleur-Yoga (5 of 12)Wandeleur-Yoga (2 of 12)A big thanks to Yoga Six for helping me get back into it, I needed a little a lot of encouragement ! If you’re looking to get back into yoga (or try it out for the first time!) I’d definitely check out their studio. I’m a big fan of their hot power yoga for a serious workout, or a more relaxing vinyasa flow class if you’re looking to improve your flexibility and endurance. And if you’re looking for a yoga buddy, definitely let me know! I’d always love to practice with you, and even take you to a free class in the next few weeks! xx