Brow Game Strong

Kate Spade Wandeleur-25When it comes to beauty, I usually have a pretty casual routine. I always reach for my tried and true skincare and beauty favorites and get ready in t-minus 10 minutes before I rush out the door {I always prioritize a few more minutes of sleep over looking perfectly flawless – because I’m pretty sure nothing is better than sleep!}

But one thing I always ignore are my eyebrows, even back in high school when everyone was obsessed with plucking them. My mother wisely told me to never touch my eyebrows back in the day, and it’s something that stuck along with me into adulthood too. I was fortunate enough to always have pretty nice, natural brows – but like anyone they could always use a little TLC to enhance their natural beauty, right?

A few weeks ago, I reluctantly went to get my first eyebrow shaping because I’d always been curious about whether it would actually make a difference if I gave them the attention they deserved. I swing by to visit Cheryl at Channing’s Studio & Spa, and I was absolutely amazed that after 20 minutes, my eyebrows looked completely different – and still totally natural {phew!}. For some reason, I anticipated someone would over-pluck or wax them to oblivion, but she made sure to look at my face shape, individual brow shape and only plucked the little guys that were completely out of place.

Now that I’m borderline obsessed with my brows, I’ve been giving them the love that they deserve, even on those mornings when I’m running a few minutes behind. Here are a few products that keep your brows in tip top shape, without making them look anything but au-naturale.


  1. Benefit Gimme Brows: One of my favorite brow products of all time, and is my new go-to for natural {but full} looking brows! If you want that Cara Delevingne look without paying a million bucks – give this little guy a go! The gel adheres to skin and hair making your brows even fuller and build-able for natural looking brows.
  2. Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo: I love powder using for filling in eyebrows, and this duo set from Laura Mercier is perfect for ladies with light brows like myself. It has lightweight, sheer to medium coverage while still lasting all day long – perfect for any working girl on the go!
  3. Benefit High Brow: My favorite brow lifting pencil of all time! It makes you look well rested and glowing people will think you got 10 hours of sleep {vs. those pesky 4 hour nights you’ve been getting lately. I’m so guilty.}
  4. Joey Healy Clear Gel: Keep those annoying, uncooperative hairs into submission with this amazing clear gel. What I love about this product is that it still gives brows a natural definition without looking too overdone – win win!

Any other tips and tricks you swear by when it comes to your brows? Please share with the class! xx