holiday hangover {with seven sundays}

Oooooh man, it’s a killer coming back from Thanksgiving,  and the holiday hangover is in full swing this week.  Who else thinks we need a national holiday devoted to sitting in bed after the Thanksgiving? Me me me!
After stuffing my face with, well,  lots and lots of stuffing – my body is crying for something healthy to balance all the butter I’ve consumed {#totallyworthit}. Luckily, the lovely people over at Seven Sundays sent over their tasty & healthy muesli to try out, which turned out to be the perfect cure for my holiday hangover. 
Muesli is a Swiss rolled oats breakfast cereal that has lots of tasties mixed in {nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon sugar, the whole shebang} – and it is goooood. I like to eat mine with yogurt, soaked in vanilla almond milk for a few hours, or baked as bars for a quick breakfast on the go! Best of all,  Seven Sunday’s Muesli is made of all natural ingredients that leave you energized & satisfied in the morning to kick-start your day. And since it’s so good, it gives me the incentive to wake up a few minutes early so I actually make make time for breakfast – which is quite the feat for my warm blanket loving self! 
Seven Sunday’s variety comes in a few delicious flavors: original toasted, ginger peach macadamia nut, vanilla cherry pecan, and Bircher, an unsweetenedd/untasted variety. If you’ve never tried Muesli {and you love healthy food as much as I do}, it’s definitely worth a try. For my Chicago peeps, you can find Seven Sundays at Potash Markets, Sunset Foods & The Fresh Market – otherwise you can find it online here too. 
Can we just stay in bed for the next few weeks until Christmas? 
•As always, opinions are my own {this stuff is just so good that I’m happy to rant and rave about it!}
  • Agreed! A low-key, lazy transition day is what we need. I have yogurt every morning and this would be great on it!

    ps: I have the same clear lamps! Soul sista's!

  • Um, yum! I just ate something similar for breakfast (at my desk..womp womp). I love the sound of all those flavors!

  • i need something like this in my life! like so bad. i wonder if its at whole foods?

  • Oh wow! I had seen this in the grocery store but never bought it. I just may have to stop by and make a quick purchase today!

  • I completely agree! This would be amazing for my breakfast and yes I would love to stay in bed until Christmas. It's getting colder where I live (Wisconsin) and staying in bed would be ideal!


  • Yum, this looks delicious! I will keep my eyes peeled for it in Fairway. PS, still working through my holiday hangover and it's almost Friday, yikes.

  • omg ginger peach macadamia nut.. amazing! and i feel you. the month of december has already been a complete blur!