Monday, April 27, 2015

why is it so effing cold, chicago?!

sweater {similar for spring} // jeans // purse // shoes // shirt {sold out, but similar}// necklace {sold out, but other J.Crew pretties}

Despite the smile, it was absolutely freezing in Chicago the day Emily took these pictures of me... can you see the tears of cold behind my eyes?!
Spring is this not-so-magical time of year when your heart tells you that it's going to beautiful, sunny and fabulous from here on out {because obviously we Chicagoans deserve it after enduring 6 months of freezing cold}. But, in reality, the weather doesn't always feel sympathetic as we feel for each other ;) 
So what's a gal to do? 

For one - layers have become {or continued to be} my go-to. Bulky sweaters become the perfect layer over warmer tops, and my hand-dandy arsenal of spring jackets are on heavy rotation. 
I've also completely given up in the skirts and dresses department, opting for comfy skinnies until the weather starts showing me that it can be as consistent as my craving for a caramel latte at 9:05 every morning. Until then, it's layers, comfy clothes, crazy fun jackets and lots of hot coffee - I'm sure you can all relate if you happen to be in the Midwest too! 

In other news - Happy Monday friends! I hope the weather starts to cooperate with us, and that your weeks are almost as good as last weekend ;)  xx
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Friday, April 24, 2015

just juice it.

I'm that kinda girl who is holding a margarita in one hand and a green juice in the other - and believe me, there's no shame in my game. But on those weeks where I pick a few too many margaritas over green juice, my body starts to be less than pleased with me. Luckily for me, I live in Chicago where the green juice overflowith - it's just finding the best one that's the challenge. 

For that, please see exhibit A: Pint Juice from right here in Chicago. I first discovered Pint where I find most of my favorite things {aka the Internet} and quickly became intrigued by Hannah and Devin, the adorable Bucktown duo who started the little company in their apartment. What I love about their juices is that they only use local, in-season ingredients - which means that the fruits and veggies they pack into their mason jars of delicious are the real freaking deal. Oh not to mention the fact that they are delicious - and kinda, sorta, really beautiful, in a juice way. 

{Pint Almond Milk, Spinach + Apple + Lacinato Kale + Almonds + Celery juice, and Celery + Siberan Kale + Spinach + Lemon Grass + Apple - say that 5x fast}
If you're in the market for some seriously delicious juice in the Chicago area, try Pint out for size! Hannah and Devin will literally drop off the freshest juice the city can offer from their own truck - how cute is that? Plus, you can even buy a subscription service that delivers up to 3x per week, which is basically the best excuse to get your body bikini ready for summer. Tell them I sent you too! xx

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bright for spring.

jacket {similar beauty!} // bracelet {sold out, but similar J.Crew jewels} // purse c/o Henri Bendel // leggings // shoes {on sale!} // coffee ;)

Here's something I wish I would have always known: Every girl needs a bright colored jacket for spring. 

I always thought that a classic trench or J.Crew field jacket was the necessary go-to during the first few months of spring, and while they do serve a coveted spot in your wardrobe - a bright colored coat is where it's at. I snagged this hot pink beauty while shopping in Vancouver with the lovely Jen last year, and I didn't think I'd get that much use out of it. After all, it's bright - like, could stop traffic on Michigan Avenue bright. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed this spring - and it in fact does add a little spring in my step every time I wear it out. Plus, when it's paired with more subtle bags and shoes, you're not totally going to blind strangers on the street ;) 

ps. thanks to Shaheen for the photos!

Monday, April 20, 2015

the lie of balancing it all.

Shoes {on sale!} // Purse c/o Henri Bendel // Skirt {similar}  // Shirt {similar and under $20} // "Leather" Jacket // Bracelet {similar options}

Ahhhh yes, the lie of having it all (and being able to balance it) that's what we're all looking for in life. I used to think balance was something that would all fall into place, but lately I've not been doing such a hot job at it. I'm sure you know the feeling, it's that delicate balance of trying to say "no" more, finding the right opportunities, and carving out some much needed "you" time between friends, work, family, and everything in between. I've been totally sucking at it these past few weeks. 

I used to get really down on myself about not being the best version of myself 100% of the time, but I'm starting to realize that doing my best and working my hardest is all I can do. With the summer right around the corner, I'm hoping for more adventures in the coming months, so I have to try my best to find as much balance as I can (and balance that makes sense to me.)

I've been ignoring my little blog these days, and while I used to beat myself up about it, I'm trying to take the opportunity to let go a little more. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by to visit everyone on their corner of the web - I promise, I'll try my best soon! But in the meantime, thanks for being the best - reaching out and giving me a little love when I need it most. I'm one lucky lady to have so many friends near and far {in real life and online!} 

Speaking of balance, I have at least gotten a bit better at balancing my wardrobe with more minimalist, multi-tasking pieces. This ruched skirt {shockingly from Forever21} has been my new go-to for work and the weekend. This Henri Bendel purse is also my new all-time favorite bag, and it's been perfect for weekend wear and toting a few essentials to and from the office. If my life can't feel so balanced, at least my outfit feels a little right ;) 

Hope you have a week full of attempted balance, and lots of fun along the way! xx

Friday, April 17, 2015

all black everything.

Faux Fur Sweater {similar} // Tory Burch Purse // Necklace {I love this one!} // Bracelet {only $15!} // Dress // Booties // Tights 

Excuse my Oprah voice but, "IT'S SPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!" 

Yas my friends - it's true, and obviously I couldn't be more pumped. There's something magical about springtime, everyone loves everyone and suddenly it's puppy season in Lincoln Park. I don't know if everyone somehow organized a national day to adopt tiny cute puppies, but everyone in my neighborhood has a teeny tiny labrador that's basically a little fluff ball. Anyways, I spend my weekends simultaneously enjoying the sunshine around the city and stopping someone every 3 minutes to ask if I can pet their puppy. I have no shame when it comes to puppy cuddles and kisses - I know I know, I have a problem....

The less than fabulous part of spring is that I'm always stuck between my winter and summer pieces - which means getting a little creative in the fashion department. This faux fur sweater I wore in the winter suddenly becomes my makeshift jacket with a springy jersey dress, and tights have become my new best friends. At least I get extra bonus points for getting the most use of my clothes...maybe? At least a few points for creativity ;) 

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