The Best Part Of Fall

Scalloped Skirt // Madewell Booties // J.Crew Sweater {similar here, and I love this one too!}// Locket {similar} // Burgundy Bucket Bag // Bracelet {similar} I’ve always had a love of caramels, especially since my late grandmother always had a fancy candy jar full of my favorites whenever I came to visit. I would spend most of the days in

How to Put a Little More Love in the World

Leather Jacket {similar here too} // Cheetah Purse {similar here that I love} // Lace up Flats // Black Jeans // Dove Bracelet I’ll be honest – I’ve always been a pretty sensitive person. And while sometimes being sensitive can serve me well, there are definitely times when it can be a bit of a detriment. When I think back

Transitioning into Fall

Striped Skirt // J.Crew Graphic Tee {old, but I love the metallic as an option!} // Lace up Flats // Leather Jacket {similar here and here} // Necklace Today is the most Monday-y of all Mondays – not only for the usual Monday reasons, but also because last weekend was really pretty amazing, and the “after the awesome weekend” hangover is very, very

Charming Cocktails: Mango Ginger Gin Fizz

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! No matter how many years have passed, I’m pretty sure I sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in my head whenever Friday rolls around. And besides a classic annoying song, Friday also brings to mind cocktail hour – and an epic happy hour to celebrate! Even though it’s starting to get a little colder out,

My 15 Year Secret To Blonde Hair

Alright friends, I have a confession to make {one that I usually try to avoid talking about during normal conversations…}. The truth is, I’m not actually a natural blonde {okay, so it’s not so shocking, but still – I’ve been a wannabe for awhile now!}. Although I had magically blonde hair back when I was a teeny tiny little girl, over