Tuesday, September 30, 2014

cs on the everygirl!

Hey there friends! I'm so excited to share that I'm on The Everygirl this week modeling some barely there makeup, inspired by Colbie Caillat's music video, "Try" {which you need to see if you haven't already!} It's been a dream of mine to make it on The Everygirl, so I was thrilled when my pal {and beauty editor} Martiza asked me to model a few weeks back.  Make sure to read the full article here!
How adorable is Ashlei from Kinks Are The New Pink? The. Cutest. 
Gaw! And Emily's gorgeous as per usual. 

Special thanks to the amazingly talented Cassandra for her gorgeous photos {and letting us play with her pup Jasper all night!} and Brenda for her makeup skills!
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Monday, September 29, 2014

canadian tuxedo.

Happy Monday friends! I'm super excited for this Monday because I'm taking a day off to spend time with Brian and enjoy time away from work. It's been a crazy last few months, so we're making time for some r&r, a lazy brunch and enjoying a day around our 'hood. Sometimes a little staycation is  very necessary. 

But in other news {much more related to this post...}, who doesn't love a good Canadian tuxedo? They used to get a bad rep {see this gem for reference}, but this season they're officially back in business - and I couldn't be happier. As a jeans fanatic, any excuse to rock an all denim look is a good one. Paired with my all-time favorite peachy fall coat, and I'm ready to adventure around Chicago on a perfect fall day. 

Thanks to Emily for snapping a few pictures! 

Shop similar pieces below: 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

fall favorties under $150 from piperlime.

Skirts: Short // Midi // Maxi

As you're probably all well aware, I'm a sucker when it comes to affordable pieces. I've written how Forever21 has stolen my heart {guilty}, and often overly celebrate when I get a killer deal on this here blog of mine. So when a store I love decides to come out with an affordable line, I'm always a fan {and first in line to try it out!} 

Last week I discovered that Piperline recently launched their own collection of gorgeous pieces that we all need in our closet stat. Knowing that Piperline can be pricey at times {at least for me!} I was a little skeptical that their pieces would fall in my price range. Knowing that "collection" often means "$$$" {a certain J.Crew collection immediately comes to mind...}, I was pleasantly surprised to find that new Piperlime collection is actually reasonably priced, with most everything being under $175. Now while I won't be snagging everything in the collection with that price tag, there are a few pieces I'd totally justify spending that amount on {see above}, especially that gorgeous leopard coat and faux leather skirt. I'll take one of everything pretty please! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


shirt c/o the home t // jeans {target} // shoes c/o chinese laundry // necklace {on sale} // bracelet {similar} // vest {target}

Ahhhh, home. It's a tricky concept sometimes. They say home is where the heart is, but for the last year I've felt like my heat was in a few locations. As a die hard Wisconsin gal, it's was a little difficult to accept that my new home outside of good 'ol Madison. I always thought home was where the cheese curds and Spotted Cow beer was, but now I've fully traded in that life for deep dish & Chicago style hot dogs {guess I can't complain too much, right?}

It took me a little over a year living here to fully acknowledge the fact that Chicago is now my real home. The skyscrapers are a far cry from the lakeside living, and I still would trade the capital farmer's market over any market Chicago has to offer. But I really really like it here. There's always something exciting happening - a concert to catch, or a new neighborhood restaurant to try - and the feeling of driving into the heart of downtown with that gorgeous skyline will never ever get old. Sure it's busy, but this life keeps you on your toes. I'm still working to find a balance between life, and work, and learning new things - but I think I'm getting a little closer everyday. 

So to celebrate loving and living in this lovely city & state, the wonderful guys at The Home T hooked me up with this rockin' t-shirt that raises money for MS research! And, just because you can't always choose sides, I got one for Wisconsin too. You can take the girl out of cheese country, but you can't take the cheesehead off of the girl {I'm pretty sure that's how it goes ;)} 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

skincare cures with dr. brandt.

Laydaaaaaays. Let's talk about wrinkles, shall we? 

I may still be a little babe in the grand scheme of things, but I'm already staring at my little laugh lines every night and judging accordingly. Between staring at a computer screen for most of the day {and spending a good portion of said day laughing hysterically}, those little suckers are starting to creep their way into my life more and more. And while there's a good part of me that can appreciate their existence as a demonstration that I'm living a life full of laughter, I'm not ready to let them take over my face quite yet. 

So - what's a gal to do? The lovely people over at Dr. Brandt send over a few of their go-to products, and after just a few days of testing them out, I'm already a big fan. Here's the lowdown of my three new favorite products: 
  • LaserFX Lift Serum: The perfect badass product that tightens and lifts that helps out with sagging skin - improving firmness and electricity {sign me up!}
  • LaserFX Bright Serum: A brightening elixir that correct skin discoloration and improved the overall look of your skin tone. 
  • LaserFX Perfect Serum: The standby {and my personal fave!}, that is applied day and night after cleansing. This little product is perfect as an all over smoother of pesky fine lines and wrinkles.
Now I'll level with you, these aren't the cheapest products out there, but they do really work. Best of all, a little goes a long way, which means you'll have months of product as you wave your wrinkles and fine lines goodbye. For the next few weeks, you can save $10 with Dr. Brandt's Share & Save promotion too - believe me, you skin will thank you!

Let me know if you give them a try! Any other favorite skincare miracle cures for fine lines & wrinkles? Share with the class por favor!


Thanks to Dr. Brandt for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own {all day, erryday!}
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