Tuesday, March 3, 2015

best sale picks from shopbop.

As a gal who spends in spurts {aka, one every great once in awhile}, I usually don't get super excited about online sales. As with most bold statements, there's always a few exceptions to the rule, like the ShopBop sale that starts today! From now until Sunday March 8th, you can save 15% on orders over $250, 20% on $500 and 25% on $1.000.  With sweet deals, I'm tempted by a few of the below pieces to kick off my spring refresh {because despite the continued snow, spring should be coming soon, right?}

Any pieces you're especially tempted by? Please share with the class ;) 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

coffee shop obsessions.

sweater {similar} // phone case 

I have a borderline obsession with coffee, lattes in particular. Let me explain...

I am proud to say that I lived the first 20 or so years of my life off the coffee sauce, but one fateful day before finals my junior year of college, I walked into a coffee shop and ordered a non-fat caramel macchiato.  Let me just tell you, it was love at first sip. Now, like clock-work every morning, I wake up {after hitting snooze at least 4 times...} and the only thing I can think of is "COFFEE PLEASE!" Thank goodness there's a coffee shop on the first floor of my building at work, because otherwise I'm not sure I'd be able to get there...or at least function the other 10 hours of my day. 

On the weekends, I keep the tradition alive and hit up a few of my favorite coffee shops around the city. My favorite neighborhood hangout is Floriole in Lincoln Park, and I find myself most weekends with my laptop in tow attempting to get work done. To be perfectly fair, I sometimes watch Hulu, but you know, 80% is showing up, right? HP was awesome and hooked me up with a new laptop a few weeks back, and I've been lugging it around everywhere. It has tons of awesome apps, and it turns out painting programs have come a long way from Kid Pix! 

Speaking of HP, they're being extra awesome and sending me to a Megan Trainor concert in Chicago in a few weeks! If you're interested in getting in on the action {yes please!} you can enter for your chance to win a ticket today on my Instagram. But for real, please enter, because I need a buddy to go with :) 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

winter blues.

sweater {forever 21, really!} // jeans // purse {similar options} // heels // bracelet // necklace // coat

So, real talk this morning: Why, why, why is it still winter?!

I'm pretty sure we've all been willing for the snow to go away and waiting extra patiently - so I guess I'm confused as to why it keeps sticking around. I always thought if you dreamed of something everyday, and worked hard enough you could do anything, but clearly changing the weather doesn't quite work that way {super confusing, I know.} And to be quite honest, I've been in a bit of a winter funk recently. I'm not sure if you've noticed the absence of blog posts, but the sub-zero temps haven't made me feel very inspired. Oh, and taking outfit photos? It's basically asking for frostbite...believe me, there's tears of sheer pain and torture behind every Chicago bloggers photos {please reference the above photos for further proof.}

So, fittingly, I popped together this outfit featuring three shades of winter blues. I've been gravitating towards neutrals while the sun's been on hiatus, and this grey sweater paired with my favorite grey jeans has been one of my new faves. And, because I'm completely crazy, I decided that buying a new pair of heels in the depths of winter was a really genius idea. Regardless of if they have to amputate my frostbitten toes, I'm still convinced it was a good idea ;)

Special thanks to Kelly for the photos {she's seriously a wizard, and my blogger saving grace!}

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

new beauty favorites.

On the coldest, greyest days of winter, sometimes you just need a little pick me up to help you get through the days. When pudding, sparkles and a fresh tube of lipstick don't do the trick, I tend to do little overhauls to make life seem a little less crazy.  First on the list this month was tending to my ever-growing makeup bag and cutting out the extras I don't seem to ever use {you know the feeling, right?!} Here are a few of my new current fave products that I have a feeling will stand the test of time, and many makeup bag overhauls! 

1. Loreal Infallible Makeup Setting Spray (c/o Meijer): When it's flippin' freezing in Chicago {and the El is 10 windy blocks away} anything that helps keep my makeup put is good in my book. 

2. Covergirl Full Lash Bloom (c/o Meijer): If Katy Perry swears by it, it has to be good, right? Just kidding...that's terrible logic, but let's just say this mascara defies logic and is actually really fabulous {and lasts!}

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (c/o Meijer): Again, this whole winter in Chicago is killing me slowly {and especially my skin!} This has been my super secret hydrating secret to get my through the worst months of the year. 

4. Infallible Pro-Matte Powder (c/o Meijer): This powder does it all - it's long lasting, has a matte finish and looks au naturale. 

5. One Love Organics x Beauty Bets Eye Balm: I love anything OLO, and this eye balm created my one of my favorite ladies completely kicks ass. It's the ultimate cure for sad, tired, dry eyes - and I make sure to dab on a bit morning and night everyday. 

6. Tarte Blush (in Pinkberry): As a big proponent of anything long lasting, this vegan blush is my go-to day in and day out. 

7. Benefit Gimme Brow Gel: Because we all secretly want to be Cara Delevingne-esque epic brows, this benefit gel makes me about as close as I'll ever get ;) 

8. RMS lip2cheek pot: This multitasking product is perfect for a light blush or lip stain, and I love how light and natural it looks. Plus, if the J.Crew runway models run it, it has to be a good idea! 

Any favorite products you can't live without? Please share! I'm always looking for pretty new products ;) 

Monday, February 16, 2015

not so basic basics with shopbop.

While I used to be the girl a little too obsessed with pattern play, I've been trying to weed out the crazy from my wardrobe and focus on a few basic pieces to get me through the seasons. Erin from Design For Mankind totally rocked my world last month when she admitted to weening down her wardrobe to only 25 pieces {say whaaaaaat?!} Obviously, I was impressed and super inspired - so I've been working on cutting down the clutter and grabbing only pieces that are the queens of multi-tasking. 

Here are a few ShopBop gems that I'm a little in love with {aka, I'd happily add any of these to my not-so-basic wardrobe!}

Anyone else working to simplify their wardrobe too? Please spill the beans...erm, I mean tips - I could use your expertise! xx

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